About us

The story of elevation media...

…begins back in the early months of 2007, just after the West Coast Railway Association had announced that steam locomotive #2860, The Royal Hudson, would make her grand return to steam after an extensive restoration.

Matthew Robson, who recently had graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology’s railway conductor program and working as a brakeman on the Southern Railway of British Columbia (SRY), began to dream of creating a documentary aiming to capture the Royal Hudson’s return to steam. With a vivid interest in the Royal Hudson since he was a child (his family would ride on the Royal Hudson steam train every summer between North Vancouver and Squamish) and a passion for filming and photography, Matthew decided that he would pursue his dream.

Matthew riding on the Kettle Valley Steam Railway

On April 12th, Elevation Media was born as it was registered as a sole proprietorship based in Vancouver, BC with the motto “To Elevate Our Standard From the Rest”. Soon after, plans commenced for the documentary of the Royal Hudson’s first run in 8 years. Once Matthew assembled a team with the same passions he shared, filming of the event was successfully completed. The documentary itself was released on DVD in November that same year and was titled “The Royal Return”. With the overwhelming positive feedback, the DVD was extremely popular and Matthew’s dream for Elevation Media began to expand…

The crew after filming "The Royal Return"

Elevation Media Today

Today elevation media has several different DVD titles and is continuing to grow. Focusing on the railways of Western Canada, Elevation media is capturing the railway action that YOU want, whether it is mainline freight, or a historical steam railroading event. Not only is Elevation Media bringing you the best in DVDs, but also in photography.

The People

As mentioned before, Elevation Media is a sole proprietorship which is owned and operated by Matthew Robson. He does all of his work from home since there is no store location for Elevation Media. Practically everything is handled by Matthew, from the editing of the production, to creating the DVD cover. With this being said, there are a few people who continuously help and support Matthew and Elevation Media whom shall not go unnoticed:

Gregory Mostardi has an extreme love and passion for trains all together. When not out on assignment for Elevation Media, he can be found at home working on his model railway layout. His love of model railroading comes from filming and photographing the real deal. He is a key cameraman in a few documentaries providing essential services.

Christian Vazzaz is extremely talented in both film and photography. He has a large presence with not only Elevation Media, but also the railway community in general as he is on the board of directors for the West Coast Railway Association.


Tomorrow brings a bright and exciting future for Elevation Media. In 2014, Matthew and his father, Don, had a unique opportunity to acquire a Canadian Pacific caboose from the Kettle Valley Steam Railway. After hearing the railway was going to scrap it, Don and Matthew jumped into action to save it. After months of planning, they successfully moved the caboose over a 400 kilometer journey from Summerland, BC to Galiano Island, BC. They are still in the midst of refurbishing it into a cabin. While this takes up a large amount of time and Matthew still works at SRY, now as a Conductor, he is always looking for new ideas to help Elevation Media grow. The sky is the limit as the standard and passion for railroading across Western Canada continues to elevate…

"Katie Caboose" was saved from the cutting torch by Matthew and his father Don and is being renovated into a cabin on Galiano Island, BC.